The Green Conspiracy Garden Planner

If there’s one thing that seasoned gardeners know, it’s the importance of a good garden planner.

These handy books are absolutely vital for tracking anything and everything about your food-growing efforts. From the seeds you have to when you started your sprouts, the soil you used, and any problems you face during the growing season.

Most of us have either used the few planners available at book shops, or made our own haphazard versions out of three-ring binders. That’s why it was such a delight to learn about The Green Conspiracy Garden Planner. It has everything an urban gardener could need for a successful grow, in a truly elegant package.

The Green Conspiracy Garden Planner

Created by a graphic design team based in Germany, it’s as beautiful as it is useful.
It’s packed with all manner of templates to fill out, so you can chart each plant’s growth cycle from seed to harvest.

The main reason this planner is so thorough is because it was born out of frustration. After the designers established their own terrace garden, they did a ton of research to learn how to garden effectively in an urban environment.

Garden Conspiracy Planner Interior

They found it difficult to keep all their notes and findings in one place, and designed the ultimate planner to keep themselves organized. Now, they’re sharing their creation so (in their own words):

“…so that every city-dwelling gardener can feel empowered to grow their own food, whether it’s growing peppers on the balcony, or a small patch of herbs on the windowsill. We want people to reap the health benefits of gardening and not just the harvest. We want them to feel confident with their gardening skills and gain a sense of satisfaction and pride from being able to grow new things.”

Isn’t that brilliant?!

Let’s take a quick look inside.

There’s an annual planting calendar and garden design template you can use to plot out this year’s garden quickly, and easily.

Annual Planting Calendar

You’ll find monthly task planners so you can keep track of what needs to be done, from watering and fertilizing to weeding and rotation.

Monthly Maintenance Schedule

Plant profiles allow you to add detailed info about individual varieties. This is also a great place for you to add notes and observations, from successful harvests to pest problems.

Plant Profile

And the best part? Since this planner was created specifically with urban gardeners in mind, there’s even a special section that offers tips and tricks for growing food in the city.

Tips for Urban Gardening

It gives suggestions on planting pot sizes, companion planting, and more. These brilliant folks have literally taken the guesswork out of growing in an urban environment.

Companion Planting Chart

This planner is certain to help people have successful gardens, and they’ll be able to refer back to their detailed notes for years to come.

There’s even a recipe section. Seriously, these folks thought of everything.

Green Conspiracy Planner

The company had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and will soon be ready to start selling these stunning planners—just in time for this year’s growing season. Check out their website at, follow them on social media, and get growing in style!

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All photos © The Green Conspiracy


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