Express Your Love with Seeds!

By Catherine Winter

Chocolate is great and all, but seeds are spectacular. At least, that’s how most gardening aficionados feel. If your special someone is in love with all things green and growing, consider a DIY gift full of gorgeous seeds for Valentine’s Day.

What You’ll Need:

chocolates in box
Photo by Bryan Schneider on
  • 1 box of assorted chocolates (eat the candy first or share it—entirely up to you)
  • A selection of different seeds that your loved one will like
  • Ribbons, bow, glitter… whatever else you might like to decorate it with

When it comes to choosing seeds, consider the recipient’s personality and preferences.

Have they been talking a lot about cultivating an extensive culinary herb garden this year? Or are they fawning over heirloom vegetable seed catalogs?

If you aren’t sure which varieties they’re really excited about, ask them. Yes, they might hyperventilate and talk your ear off about plants for a few hours, but that’s a good thing, right? At least you’ll know exactly what they’d love to grow, so you can make a list.

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This project is pretty self-explanatory, but basically you’ll make sure those empty chocolate pockets are clean, and stuff them with seeds. Then close the box, tape it shut, decorate it with ribbons, bows, puffy unicorn stickers—your call.

That’s it.

Themed Options

herb garden ideas
Photo by Wendy Wei on

If you’re seriously stuck on what to get them, you can’t go wrong with a themed offering. Just choose a bunch of different seeds that work well for a particular purpose. For example:

Culinary Herb Box: Basil, oregano, thyme, sage, summer savory, parsley, cilantro, chives, tarragon, dill

Tea Herb Box: Lemon balm, lemon verbena, bergamot, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, catnip

Vegetable Garden Basics: (for starting a new garden from scratch): Tomatoes (full-size and cherry), lettuce, spinach, carrots, climbing peas, pole beans, radishes

These are just a few different options, of course. The combinations are endless, and can be tailored to suit anyone’s preferences.

One thing we recommend is to do some research to see which companion plants work best together. If you’re aiming to gift a wide variety of vegetable seeds, choose some beneficial herbs and flowers to plant alongside them.

Share the seed love!

Lead image © Mother of a Hubbard


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