Grow a Rainbow: 10 Colourful Varieties to Cultivate

We know that colourful vegetables and fruits are great for our bodies, but seeing gorgeous hues in our gardens is wonderful for our hearts and souls too. Here are 10 vibrant varieties that’ll transform any garden into a rainbow of deliciousness. 

1. Rojo Amaranth

A great dual-purpose plant! Sautee amaranth greens with garlic, then harvest the ripe seed heads for gluten-free grains. (Here’s a tip: plant extra so the birds have food to eat all winter.)

2. orange Sunset tomatoes

Orange tomatoes are often sweeter than red varieties, and this sunset orange is a sweet, juicy delight for any garden.

3. LOBBERICHER yellow carrots

This gorgeous yellow European variety is an heirloom that any carrot lover needs to try out. It has a mild flavour, stays crisp when pickled, and matures in about 80 days.

4. Green Scallop Squash

An heirloom variety that dates back to 1914! Small pattypan squashes mature really quickly, so you can harvest these green beauties in just 50 days or so.

5. Blue Mini Popcorn

Corn comes in some truly magnificent hues, and this turquoise popcorn variety is as delicious as it is beautiful. Grow it for stovetop popping, or for autumnal decorations.

6. Purple Pod Bush Bean

These purple-podded bush beans were cultivated in the 1950s, and turn bright green when tossed into boiling water. The bright purple blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds too!

7. Pink Celery

Crunchy and sweet, pink celery tastes a lot like green celery, but with a brighter, sharper flavour. It’s also freaking gorgeous on crudite platters. Try it with edamame hummus!


If you’re a fan of extremely hot, “melt your face off” food, then add this peachy sweetheart to your garden. It’s a stunning variety that won “world’s hottest pepper” in 2007.

9. Five Colour Silverbeet (Swiss chard)

Swiss chard is known as “silverbeet” in Australia, which is where this 5-colour variety is from. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s slow to bolt, and maintains its vibrant hues when cooked.

10. Rainbow Orach

Orach tastes a lot like spinach, is slow to bolt, and bushes out nicely when pinched back. With this rainbow variety, you’ll get a variety of bright, beautiful hues. Perfect for a fairy garden!

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