Grow an Extra Row to Help the Hungry

Food security is more important now than ever before. Grocery shelves are often empty, farmers are short on workers, and global food shortages could be a very real thing, very soon.
If you’re cultivating a vegetable (Victory!) garden this year, please consider planting an extra row to help the hungry in your community.

Are you familiar with the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” movement? It was started by Alaskan garden writer Jeff Lowenfels about a decade ago. Basically, he encouraged his readers to plant one extra row of vegetables in their own gardens. Once food had ripened, it could then be donated to their local food shelter.

It’s a wonderful idea that doesn’t take much effort, and can do a ton of good to help address hunger in our communities.

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We can help to feed the vulnerable

Check with your local food bank to see if they accept fresh produce before trying to drop any off. Some are only accepting canned and dry goods right now, and checking ahead of time will ensure that this bounty isn’t going to waste.

If there isn’t a food bank in your area, you can ask your neighbours if they’d like some fresh produce. Alternatively, you can preserve your harvest by canning or pickling. Some people are being extra cautious with the food items they handle, and it’s easier to disinfect glass jars than bunches of fresh carrots.

There’s no need for anyone to go hungry.

Yes, this is a challenging time, but if we do just a little bit extra to take care of one another, we can help make things just a little bit easier (and more nourishing) for everybody.

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