FREE Step-by-Step Aquaponics Guide!

If you’ve ever been interested in setting up and maintaining an aquaponics system, then you’re in luck. A rather brilliant woman named Kylie—who goes by the username “Autonomous Alternative” online—has written an approximately 5000-word book that’s invaluable for anyone interested in these systems.

It contains an easy-to-digest walkthrough and parts list, complete with step-by-step instructions. In simplest terms, it can help to get you building and maintaining your own aquaponics system from start to finish.

Kylie draws upon over a decade’s worth of experience with home aquaponic gardening to offer you all the information you need to run your system effectively.

In addition to the downloadable booklet, she also offers instructional videos to refer back to for inspiration, troubleshooting, and so much more.

Kylie has made this book available for FREE on her KoFi site, though donations are appreciated.

+ Free Home Aquaponics Guide

+ Accompanying YouTube Video Tutorials

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