Our Contributors

We’re delighted to be amassing a great roster of contributing writers who share knowledge and experience from their respective growing zones. We hope their combined wisdom can help others who are eager to grow food in all different climates and regions, from urban Detroit to rural Tasmania.


Ben (“Finn”) Robinson is a landscape designer and outdoor fitness practitioner from Devon, UK. He works with international clients to create edible and medicinal gardens, drawing upon his nearly two decades of experience with landscaping, rural and urban farming, and heritage property maintenance. During the down season,  he helps avid gardeners stay healthy with restorative yoga and strength training.


Cat DiStasio: A super-awesome vegan mama from Ohio, USA, with incredible business savvy and a brilliant way with words.


ZZ Claybourne (also known as Clarence Young) is the author of the novels The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan, Neon Lights, and By All Our Violent Guides, as well as the acclaimed short story collection Historical Inaccuracies. His essays on sci fi, fandom, and creativity have appeared in Apex, Strange Horizons, and other genre venues. He is currently at work on his 4th novel. Find him on the web at writeonrighton.com.

Kel Flowers

Kel Flowers likes to ramble—in art, food, thought and forests. She enjoys cultivating old-world skills and violets, and probably has cat hair and sheep fleece stuck to her coat. Kel lives in Southern Tasmania, Australia.

Kim Locke lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with her colony of female degus. She works at Deloitte as an Evidence Manager, and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Queen’s University and a Certificate in Terrorism Studies at St. Andrew’s.

Angelina Williamson

Angelina Williamson: Writer, apothecary, and urban homesteader. Tames feral kittens for spiritual growth. Sells natural skin care, remedies, and herbal salts and vinegars at sugarandpith.com